The turnaround in the Russian astronautics?

Monday, August 15th, 2011, Author posted in Astronautics |

One of the first statements of the new head of Roscosmos Vladimir Popovkin media could be the announcement of a turning point in Russian astronautics in the coming years. Kommersant Daily said Popovkinovu statement that the space program in the coming years require much bigger investments, at the same time stating that almost half of the budget so far flowed into a piloted astronautics. Such a condition in which we have a huge cost to the people launched into orbit, orbiting the Earth and returned back by itself is no longer viable, the core of the Popovkin statements. If piloted astronautics responded with financial or scientific results, then it should be supported, but if the only meaning to send people into space and return them back to Earth, then we need to seriously consider the future of such work. Russia is now the only nation capable of maintaining the continuing "umbilical link" with Issa. Over the past five decades, except the US, "trip" to the moon we have not advanced beyond the Earth's orbit. We learned most of the things that are necessary for long-term manned missions and stay in space, whether it is technical or social aspects. Now it's time to move on, or that robots take over the main role in our space programs. The project Issa invested nearly $ 150 billion. Its future after 2020 becomes somewhat questionable if used in this way. Popovkin in April took over Roscosmos after a series of failures led by then Chief - Anatoly Perminov. What moves will Popovkin soon run remains to be seen, but the cuts "tourist" flights and taking the direction of the robotic and scientific goals is certainly the right thing to which humanity is waiting too long.